After Hours AM


After Hours AM is talk radio with edge. we have the best guests from around the world. And prove it with our first show.

Joel Sturgis, Host

Joel Sturgis has been in the radio business for many years and has hosted such hit shows as ZTALK Live & AIR STRIKE RADIO and now AFTER HOURS AM. He has interviewed the biggest names from the world of the Paranormal & Entertainment and many in between. Joel also has a deep interest of all things paranormal and loves a good horror movie!

Bruce Barraclough Jr., Co-Host

Bruce Barraclough Jr. is the founder of N.E.A.R (North East Anomalous research) Bruce has been investigating the paranormal for many years. Whether it’s his work in the field of the study of ghosts or his passion for finding the truth behind Big Foot, or his tireless work in the UFO community, Bruce is very respected and brings his mix of humor and experience to AFTER HOURS AM.